We ship using new technology shipping materials which keep fish safe for longer times periods.  Shipping occurs on Monday's and Tuesday's only so fish will arrive quickly the same week. (Shipping price is not included in price. The rates vary depending of your location.) You will receive 1 male T.Hornorum pure and 6 female T. Mossambica Orange pure tilapia. Not responsible for damage or death of fish if you are not present at time of delivery to receive package. We do guarantee fish alive and healthy upon arrival and will replace any lost fish upon delivery.

Sunshine Hybrid Breeding Colony

  • Upon arrival make sure fish packaging is not damaged. Open carefully so you do not inadvertently cut fish bags. Make sure you have an aquatic environment already in operations with filters and aeration. Add a cup of water from your tank to the water the fish have been shipped in. Do this every 15-20 minutes for three times. You will need to aerate the water during this time to prevent fish lose.  Once you have acclimated your fish you can place them into your breeding tank.

    We do not offer a Return Policy.  Product AS IS!  We do however, replace fish lost during shipping only… picture proof and time stamped.