"This is an announcement of our new Sunshine Tilapia Hybrid Gene Line.This Hybrid,  is created by crossing the tilapia gene line t. mossambica (variety zanzibar from Zanzibar, Africa now known as T. Horonorum).This extremely rapid growth rate is the primary advantage of our hybrid, but just as important is the incredible amount of skinless boneless fillets that each whole Tilapia will yield. These whole hybrids will yield better than 45% skinless boneless fillets. This makes the our hybrid one of the fastest growing and highest yielding tilapia gene lines in the world. The stories behind creating the high yielding Hybrid gene lines that make these impressive yields possible can be found on our web site. We have spent 40 years working to create hybrid tilapia that give such outstanding growth and so much skinless boneless fillets. I hope you will take the time to work with them, you will be glad you did."Sincerely, Mike & Jan Sipe

No Longer Offered

You can find more information from the Sipe farm at www.ilovetilapia.com

A few words and information from the creators of our hybrid family.


Just to back up what Mike and Jan have stated.  I can’t believe the growth rate and size of these fish. The body form and thickness alone are outstanding. Watching them double in size in what seems like overnight is a true testimony to the purity and gene quality that the Hybrid possesses.  I’m so sold on them that I will only handle, grow and sell these fish.  Why waste time and money on an under performing product?  

The fingerlings so fare are averaging 2" long and 7/8" tall in only three weeks, that's from two day old fry, away from female, to 2" long fingerlings!  There are larger ones, but this is just an average, so let me tell you I have very few runts in the groups of fish hatched up to this point.  Why is this so important to a grow out farm?  Because we will be able to spend less time sizing out the runts and smaller growing fish from the rest of the group. This also, tells me that they are growing as a general group and that is good for feeding consistency and expected growth and expected harvest size.

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No Longer Offered