Hello and welcome to our family!

I was raised on a farm helping my father and grandfather with cattle and swine besides the normal harvests of corn and soy-beans. Come on what else is there in Indiana besides corn?  But seriously I never thought my journey would ever return me to farming.  After we got out of the family business, farming, back in the early 80’s, I knew God had other plans, I ventured into the construction business for many years before branching out into the power sports industry. While working within this industry I finished my teaching degree and started teaching at the local high school.  So when this opportunity was introduced to me by a friend, James, who had spent some time working with farm grown fish (Tilapia, Blue Catfish, and Trout) I had already had many years within successful businesses to see the potential, if I was willing to do the work and if it was ran correctly, of course.  My friend knew I had the entrepreneur spirit and the facilities for this to work so I went to work on getting educated.  I spent over a year learning, studying, and planning even before any steps were taken to start the building remodel process.  This allowed me to get the education I needed to avoid many of the pitfalls so may encounter when starting an aquaculture business.  I had a lot of help from James, along with the help from Mike and Jan Sipe who have spent a life time growing and developing the best growing breeders.  So now I had the education and experience backing me to make this dream a reality.

We decided to build our business in stages so with our first phase we are focused on  e hatchery and building up stock for sales within live markets (wholesale) and retail. Our fish capacity is 5K on the nursery side and 7K on the grow out side once in full swing.  Our second phase was an additional 10K gallon grow out system which is located inside our existing facility.

I get asked all the time why I would want to raise fish?  It comes down to this, I am somewhat of a health nut and I am always looking for a better quality protein source from an all natural clean environment.  Unlike most store bought tilapia, which are grown in China, Mexico or Central America. (Even if they do say fresh, they typically are frozen then thawed out and placed on ice in a showcase.  That is not fresh!)  So, how are you going to know what these fish have been grown in? Are the fish in clean water, are they grown in over populated low oxygen environments, what are they being feed?  These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself when you go to purchase your food.  How did people live a healthy life in the past? They grow everything for them-selves! I know this isn’t possible in today's world but shouldn’t you at least buy from local farmers or all natural supply chains which will help your overall health and well-being?

I can only guarantee to provide you with the best quality healthy tilapia around. You are always welcome to take a tour, upon appointments only, and see for yourself how clean and efficient our facility is.


Don't underestimate the power of tilapia to keep your pond clean of algae and duckweed.  Why use costly and harmful chemicals when you can save tons of time by letting nature work her wonders.

Thank you,
Jeff Martin
Triple B Tilapia
Co-Founder & Owner