The best way to get your fish is to sign up on our "Contact for Spring 2021 Stocking" link (located just above).  By doing so you will be able to let us know your needs and the quantity of lbs.  To make your fish "Guaranteed" you can place a 20% deposit to hold your order.  If not, there may not be stock left to fill your stocking rate for your location.  Any questions please let us know and we will be glad to explain and help you in any way.  


It's that time of the year to Pre-Order your Pond Stock.

Duckweed & Other Vegetation Control

Algae Control

ORDER NOW.. to hold your fish for Spring 2021 season.  We will need to know the size of your pond and the stocking density needed, typical is 40 lbs per acre.  A 20% non-refundable deposit is also needed if you want to guarantee your order.  Delivery expected for late May - early June. (Delivery is $1.60 per mile one way.)  We can help you with any of your questions.  Stock is limited at this time.  It is always best to pre-order a year in advance, or as soon as you can, to guarantee your fish.

Aquaculture Education

Sustainable Farming and Technical Application

This is the fun part of our farm.  Being a retired teacher I find much joy educating student about aquaculture and aquaponics.  This is a great opportunity for student to get a hands-on education.  We will either provide tours, or come to your school with presentation and QA time.  If you are thinking about starting up a program at your school give us a call and see how we can lend a helping hand.

Triple B Tilapia is your Northwest Indiana stop for fresh Tilapia.
Our, family-owned, grow out farm and hatchery, is dedicated to bringing our customers the freshest all naturally grown fish.
Our Hybrid, 90% male Tilapia, will provide you with a great looking fish with a high ratio of fish weight to overall fillet weight, 45%. (Available in May-June... so order ahead of time.)
You truly get more per fish than other breeds of tilapia.  (We have Blue Tilapia as well). We specialize in wholesale live fish, on ice quantity sales, and retail on ice, appointment only pickup sales.
Market weight 1 - 1 1/2 lbs on average.
We also carry/supply Blue Tilapia.

Stock your pond

Harvest them in


Most Available are our Blue Tilapia Fingerlings

If you're interested in raising your own Tilapia at home or in a small farm with quick growing, high producing Tilapia, we have available our hybrid fingerlings.
You can bypass the worries of a hatchery and go right into the grow-out stage. All of our Fingerlings are fed a high protein diet, to help jump start the growth process.  
We follow many experienced leaders in the industry on methods for feeding and management for optimal growth and health.  
But if you want to jump into the process of raising your own fish from start to finish, we are a certified dealer for this wonderful hybrid in breeding colonies as well.
For those of you who love to garden we have our ALL NATURAL fish fertilizer.  
Good for your prized vegetables, flowers, plants and yards. 
You can either purchase our liquid or soft solid variety organic compost.  Both have a high quantity of nitrogen and organic fish product/food mix which are great for plant growth and health.
Our all natural mixes are in concentrated forms so you will have a product right from the farm bottled and packed ready to use. (Product will not burn your plants and is great for all year round.)

Interview with 

Channel 13 TV 

Working with media to educate consumers about different ways tilapia can be helpful.


Jeff Martin from Triple B Tilapia had the opportunity to talk with Channel 13 WISH TV audience about tilapia in Indiana.

The big eye opener was the fact that even though tilapia die over the winter they can be a great pond control application to combat algae and duckweed.   Jeff explained, "if you what a holistic way to help the life and environment of your pond, then way are you spraying with chemicals, when tilapia will do as good of a job if not better.  With the added benefit of saving you money over the course of a season."

Many people harvest the tilapia out of their own ponds as an added healthy protein source of food.  All in all Triple B Tilapia can provide delivery and help with maintaining your pond.  

Using farms which are local can save you even more, because the shipping cost are lower.

Contact Triple B Tilapia for pond stocking or other aquaculture needs. 

Did you know we were a 2019 Featured Farmer at the Indiana State Fair

We are located in Demotte, Indiana.


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